70 thoughts on “Parisian apartment

  1. You hit the nail on the head. This entire apartment is dreamy. I love the consistent neutral background and the theme of black, grey and taupe worked throughout the scheme. Even mirrored in the bathroom where the parquet flooring has been omitted, but then wood is reintroduced through by the cupboards. The marble detailing in the bathroom and kitchen is perfect.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love that 3rd detail picture! I am an interior design addict (well I just love looking at it, I’m still working on my actual design) but these are so great! And your “Spaces and Places” board is amazing!


  3. That’s so beautiful. No matter how many inspiration pics I look at, I hopelessly fail at good decorating! So instead I’ll hope for a magical interior design fairy to grace me with this exact apartment, haha.

    xo, Liz

  4. Love this, I adore white interiors! I live in a half modern-half cottage house and recently re-decorated my old part bedroom to all white. It’s surprisingly cosy considering it’s winter and white always seems so clinical. Lots of candles and an extra radiator probably helps, I’ve dressed it up with floral throw pillows and massive pictures in black frames too!


  5. Love the look of the apartment. Looks amazing, yet cozy. the decor brings out the sophistication of the place. Great job from 3girls1apple.com

  6. This apartment is quite beautiful, but not Parisian at all ! (I know what I’m talking about, I’ve always lived in Paris). Where are the brass bath, the velvet with warm colours, the long & chic curtains, the plants & flowers, and above all, some more paintings and decorations ? This is so sterile, so not French ! Feels like ghosts are living there…

  7. This is truly artistic under my point of view! The space, details and the way it’s arranged are just perfectly synchonized and beautifully done.I especially love those paintings and the way all the room were fulfilled with white. My fav. However, if it was me, I’d prefer the color of the floor a little bit more warm and cheerful. For instance like the color of the wood, may the dyed brown or light brown would fit more and bring the energy to the whole house without losing its elegance and urbanity.

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