31 thoughts on “Paris, je t’aime!

  1. What a romantic video. Makes me want to go so badly. I love the dress your wearing in the first couple of minutes of the vid. it’s so adorable.

  2. this is so adorable and your bf is very funny when he does the walk with the lil kicks on his heels!

  3. Älskar ditt smile. Så fint. Älskar dessutom filmen, var i Paris i höstas förra året. Myspys.

  4. Ps. Det verkar så romantiskt, filmen verkar så romantisk. Ni är så romantiska. Jag älskar det.

  5. i love the video and the music….so parisian….this winter i wll go to paris too:)

  6. Yeah i have to admit the quality is a little bad but it kinda bring an effect to it. The music totally go with the video. I feel like watching a movie. Love it!

  7. Oh I miss Paris
    I just love your blog it’s one of my fav
    You always find the most amazing pictures and you always look fab : )

  8. I love your new header and your first outfit in this video.
    I love Paris too!

  9. I liked the video, so inspiring, and amazing. Also your boyfriend is handsome.

  10. amazing video ! love the song…
    It’s sooo sweet !
    Carolina you are very cute and your boyfriend is very handsome :)

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