palazzo pants



SPRING. So in love with these palazzo pants that I ordered from asos a couple of weeks ago. Not only do they float like waves around your feet when you walk, they’re also super comfortable and very 70’s chic, A+ in my book! Pairing them with a white silk blouse, platforms, green cambridge satchel and of course, my beloved vintage Pucci sunnies!




ASOS Palazzo pants. Cambridge Satchel. Pucci Sunglasses. Zara Blouse. Hermés Bracelet. Jessica Simpson platforms.

113 thoughts on “palazzo pants

  1. I’ve been wondering about ordering those too! And they sure look gorgeous on you. Love the boho look!

    Love Despite color

  2. I absolutely adore your fashion sense and style. The combinations you have made here are amazing and the photography is breathtaking ! The Palazzo pants paired with the simple white Zara blouse and leopard scarf, plus the subtle JS heels and to top it all off with the green Cambridge and vintage Pucci sunnies; Love, love love it :)

  3. O M G !!! YOU LOOK FABOULUS!!!!!!! :D
    Those pants are amazing! :D
    I love the 70’s style! :D It looks perfect on you :D


  4. Well this is to me the perfect outfit in his style. everything matches so perfectly and that is what makes it a perfect picture. the pants are gorgeous but not for everybody because they have to fit perfectly. and they do, i love the movement in it and that divine color. the blouse makes it all so precious. the scarf turns up the volume because of the print. the way you are wearing it, it elongates your body. but i fell in love with the sunnies, it are one of the most spectacular i have ever seen!! you are so into the groove baby

  5. Ahhh you look wonderful! Is this satchel a 13″ or bigger? IT’s tres lovely and I love the scarf! xx

  6. You are such a classic beauty! And I love this outfit. Really, I just want to print these pictures and place them on my moodboard, haha. Love it!

  7. Wow this outfit is amazing. I love its sheer flowyness from top to bottom, and the color scheme is great down to the nail polish!

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