the weekend

carolina engman homePicture by Mattias Swenson

DENIM. Hope all of you had a great weekend! Mine has been all about relaxing as I feel like I might be coming down with a cold and with New York fashion week around the corner there’s no time for being sick. Although I love dressing up, I usually try to keep it pretty simple during the weekend and this little denim on denim getup is perfect for lounging at home or going out for brunch with friends!

P.S. Yes, I finally found a Moroccan wedding blanket for my bed! This picture doesn’t really do it justice but will try to snap a better picture of it soon!

SHIRT + JEANS Zara (similar ones here, here & here). MOROCCAN WEDDING BLANKET Vintage.

Iron girl

iron girlPictures by Mattias Swenson

LOVE. My love relationship with sweatshirts go way back and I remember this one time when I was going to have my picture taken at┬ákindergarten and my mom had prepared this gorgeous floral dress which I was instructed to put on for the portrait shoot. But, as the rebellious kid I was, I opted for my favorite, worn-out, gray sweatshirt when all the other kids were dolled up to their teeth and let’s just say my mom had a bit of a shock when she finally received the pictures of her little princess-gone-tomboy with a┬ámischievous grin on her face, haha. Anyway, to this day I still have this weird obsession with sweatshirts and this one from Rika is no exception!

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