black on black

carolina engman black on black

pictures by Mattias Swenson

BACK IN BLACK. It might be some kind of rebellion against the summer weather but all I want to be wearing lately is black on black on black (preferably on top of some more black). Managed to sneak in some color in the form of these mirrored cat eye sunnies and a dash of red lipstick, but apart from that this look is pretty much as monochrome as it gets!

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carolina engman checked jacket

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

CHECK. Fell in love with this Céline inspired jacket the second it popped up on Zaras website and when the degrees dropped for two glorious days last week I just had to wear it. Now the weather is back to its usual scorching hot self and all I can do is daydream about brisk fall days to come, and boy am I dreaming!

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Mix & match

carolina engman burgundy Pictures by Mattias Swenson

AW. Woke up to what felt like the perfect fall day yesterday and totally embraced it by throwing on my favorite leather vest from Acne. After this insane heatwave we’ve been battling for the past couple of weeks it felt SO good to finally get to play around with some layering again. The patterned silk shirt was a lucky sale find (still a couple of ones left here) and I’m really loving the way it clashes against the print of the skirt!

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