JEANS. When it comes to jeans I usually have a really hard time finding ones that actually fit me. If they’re great around the hips, they’re too big over the thighs, or the other way around. Most of the time I don’t even bother trying on new jeans, instead I just wear my favorites until they fall apart. But while I was in Barcelona I found 4(!) awesome pairs with the perfect fit, and I’m proud to say that for once, non of them were black. Found these oxblood colored ones at Zara and absolutely love the way they pop against the rest of the outfit. Adding a little bit of color really makes dressing for fall/winter weather so much more fun!

ZARA sweater & pants. BIRD vest. REBECCA MINKOFF bag. DIN SKO shoes. H&M hat. MICHAEL KORS watch.


146 thoughts on “oxblood

  1. I love love love those pants! They are the perfect color. I wonder if it is the same style they have in orange because I have the orange one but had problems with it (maybe bought it a bit to big). I also love that vest it is amazing!

  2. i can never find jeans that fit perfectly! amazing you found four pairs! such a great colour, you look amazing, as always :) x

  3. i love it! you look amazing and blue and read matches great, love your blog in general <3


  4. the play of rich colors is so fantastic! loving the makeup look too. i’d love a pair of those shoes. going to check out the website now, x

  5. Love those jeans!
    Same with me, comfortable on the hips too lose on the tights :S

  6. You look amazing! It took me forever to get on with coloured jeans and I ended up grabbing a pair of burgundy ones from Guess this past summer, and now, there is no turning back.

  7. I have the same problem like you! I either find ones that fit around the hips but are too big at the thighs…annoying. I find good ones at H&M, but I will check Zara out soon now :)



  8. lucky you to be able to find not one but four pairs of jeans that fit you perfectly! i also have the same problem, unfortunately the best fit i can find are topshops ones but even that doesn’t fit me to a t. loving the colour! xx

  9. I love these pants, I have the same model in green and I really love the way I look like.
    Great choice, and great look

  10. That bag is beautiful! I love the classic combination of red and gold, fantastic job as always!


  11. Wow those jeans look fitted on you. AND the color is lovely! I love how the color goes with the gold zipper on the side of the pants. It’s a great combo.


  12. LOVE the color of these pants! I have a really hard time finding jeans for myself as well – only in my case because of my height. I fell in love with a pair of Rag & Bone skinnies and have since purchased them in every color they come in. Ha!

    Lynsey Michelle

  13. such great style post loving it!! the boots are super cute and those blood red jeans ahh so good on you and i know i never find jeans that fit me either xx A Fox That Meows ♥

  14. my pillarbox red jeans are looking a little bright for winter, this shade of red looks perfect!

    loooove the darker lipstick you’re wearing with this outfit too.

    Katie x

  15. omg, i have exactly the same problem- i thought i was the only one
    love the outfit btw

  16. OMG I’m in love! Red trousers are fabulous but this particular red is perfection!

    Right another item added to my Christmas list!!

    SSS x

  17. Those jeans look perfect on you. And I loved the combo of red and blue. It is one of our favorite. Check it out on our blog chic-aholics.blogpsot.com

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