One day we’re gonna live in Paris, I promise, I’m on it

PARIS. My boyfriend is in Paris right now, I miss him (and the city) so terribly much.
Please come home darling, and bring Vogue Paris and some macarons!

34 thoughts on “One day we’re gonna live in Paris, I promise, I’m on it

  1. I haven’t been to Europe for some time now. I lived in France for three years and always wonder what it looks like now.

    Oh, and I love friendly fires. I saw them for free some time ago.

  2. i love that song. friendly fires are lovely.

    & oh i miss paris so much too! five years is far too long.

    i love your blog, i dont comment much but i read it everyday. its one of my ultimate favourites.

    xxxx A.

  3. I’m so proud to finally live in Paris. The city is totally crazy by night and so chic by day.
    Just to be a little more a mean girl : i live just next to Ladurée…

    But OK, your boyfriend is so beautiful, you’re also a lucky girl

  4. Aw your boyfriend is so lucky. I think every girl wishes to live in Paris one day. I hope your not missing him to much, I would be though. I’m horrible with missing people too much.

    Love your blog! Your so pretty.

  5. ah, I´ve been there this summer, so magic.
    I still have to bring the boyfriend there, nothing more romantic than having a little pique-mique sur la seine.. <3

  6. kan inte du skriva ett inlägg och tipsa om ställen man inte får missa i pars?
    Skulle bli jätte glad då :)

  7. Awwhh Paris! <3 I’m probably going to it in April, with my French class..that is going to be …just awesome

  8. Me encantas chica! no se porqué pero me das ánimos para hacer lo que me gusta, y además me encanta como llevas tu blog, comentando viajes, moda etc. lo malo es que no siempre tienes todo el tiempo que quieres!
    Un beso desde España :D

  9. Åh jag vill också bo i Paris en dag, det borde vara lag på att få göra det…

    Jag har en ny blogg och jag skulle bli jätteglad om du ville titta in och ge en åsikt!

  10. Haha jag läste bara snabbt och trodde att det stod “My boyfriend is in Paris right now (the city)”

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