Oh Daria


Pictures via Studded Hearts

GIRL CRUSH. Daria looks absolutely stunning (as usual) in the September issue of Vogue UK and I am seriously so temped to head to the nearest hairdresser, chop half of my hair off and recreate that perfectly effortless do!




64 thoughts on “Oh Daria

  1. She is really gorgeous, natural beauty is the best (especially Daria)! you should really dare to do sth different with your hair, chop it in a shoulder length or even a pixie. I did two days ago and it feels absolutely liberating.

  2. She has almost…almost convinced me I will be needing an apricot leather biker.
    Le sigh.

  3. I was having pho with my fam at a tiny hole in the wall place near my house in Toronto and Daria and her mum were there. She looks this amazing in person. Seriously.

  4. I chop off my hair once a year and every time I do, I’m so nervous about it and afraid I’ll regret it. But I never do! It’s just hair, it will grow and, thankfully, my hair grows like weeds. I think you would look great with her hair!


  5. I am in love with this editorial why I always get the models name that is featured in this spread its crazy cuz she in everything and i love her ugh just amazing


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