Obsession du jour

Burberry Prorsum, fall 07

NEED. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember those gloves in Burberry Prorsum’s fall 07 show? I kind of need them. Or at least a pair of ones that looks just like them. You see, my fall won’t be complete without these.
I need them to wear with short sleeved jackets and coats (Not that I really have any short sleeved jackets or coats, yet, that is), to keep my arms warm in sheer lace dresses in the middle of december, and to spice up dull knitwear. So, any tips on where to find super long Burberry Prorsum-esque leather gloves?

18 thoughts on “Obsession du jour

  1. only har i sin höstkollektion! :) kolla in deras hemsida. deras kollektioner säljs ju på vero moda bland annat. :) kram lis

  2. I wish it was cold enough to wear gloves, but really i’d wear them even in this ridiculously hot weather.

  3. jag igen :) hittade idag på indiska rean, fast de var iofs i mocka, men väldans fina iaf :) dessutom kostade de 64 spänn :)

  4. Jag vet ingenting om handskar. Men däremot vet jag att jag älskar Burberry Prorsum. Faktiskt älskar. Det är något djupt djupt inne i mig som jag helt enkelt tror är i rakt nedstigande led från min mormor. Dvs, kärlek till döda men inte för dennes skull mindre underbara ting. Alltså Burberry.

  5. I’ve seen some similar gloves in the H&M catologue for fall 2008, but it says that they are only sold in some H&M shoips..

  6. I got a pair of those last season from Club Monaco. They were a runaway hit last season and the season before (that’s when I spotted them but wasn’t able to get any because they sold out by the time I finally got to the store). They might get them again this year. I think mine were around $90 and has a cashmere lining. Soooo warm and nice in the winter.

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