andy torres and carolina engman

Me and Andy at New York Fashion Week last year!

NYFW. Sorry about the radio silence guys! Spent most of the past week super sick in bed but now I’m slowly coming back to life again. Tomorrow marks the start of New York fashion week and I’m beyond excited. My schedule is super packed with fun shows & meetings, but the thing I’m most thrilled about is to finally have all of my friends in town again, can’t wait!!

74 thoughts on “NYFW

  1. yay! & this is your first NY fashion week where you now live in the city, right? exciting!

    love your hair in the pic above :)

    Katie x

  2. I love how the two of you sort of have coordinated your outfits lol. Btw, I’m hosting a giveaway of a MAWI spiked sphere ring that retails for £295, I guarantee it’s a very provocative piece to own! And yes it’s INTERNATIONAL! Just follow on at least two or three then you can win this statement luxury piece! <3

    xx The Provoker


  3. I love your style and I love Andys style. Photos of both of you are the best in my opinion (: Hope there will be a few photos from this years fashion week, too! xx

  4. You two are too gorgeous! Follow both of you and love to see you together. I like the way you mix in styles but still keep it high fashion. Thats my goal with my blog as well, to be in my (boho) style but still keep it high fashion. I would be so grateful if you would have a look at my blog and maybe give me a tip in how I can evolve my own style and still “be” fashion. Thank you so much for being an inspiration! / Love Mia


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