FRIDAY. I found this belly baring t-shirt yesterday when I was rummaging through my favorite vintage/thrift store, Beyond Retro, and thought it was too much fun to pass up. It will probably take a while before I have built up the courage to actually wear it in public, but it’s always fun to experiment and play around a little!



  1. omg! its fantastic!! I’m going to chop off some old tshirts today for sure.

  2. Just wear a tight black tank underneath – it’s looking lovely!

  3. hahahah! my parents went to northeastern university in boston!

  4. du kan ju alltid bära linne under tröjan? det skulle nog se rätt bra ut. typ tjajt vitt linne.

  5. It looked great on you!
    I’ve just started reading your blog, and it’s so inspirational! thanks! :D

  6. love this!!! crop tops are so cute but definitely hard to wear–i’m thinking they are less scandalous with high waisted skirts/shorts..?

  7. haha that’s crazy that you found that.

    i’m a student at northeastern university in boston!

  8. I read your blog like it’s my lifestyle…. do you live in new york? if so, what are some of your fav thrift stores? thanks

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