nominated for the bloglovin awards!

Picture from last years Bloglovin Award

WERELSE. Hola! Right now I’m in Barcelona for a photoshoot with the lovely ladies above and the call time tomorrow is 5.45 so I’m gonna keep it short, hehe. New York fashion week is just around the corner, meaning it’s time for the second edition of the Bloglovin awards!! This year Werelse has been nominated in the category Blogger Business of the year and it would mean the world to me, Andy & Chiara if you guys voted for us! Click here to vote for all the nominees in the different catergories, and don’t forget that you can nominate your own favorite blog for the prestigious “blogger of the year” award! :) Now, bedtime!!

86 thoughts on “nominated for the bloglovin awards!

  1. It’s a wonderful picture of you three beauties :) I already voted for you and I really hope you’ll win!

    Love, B.

  2. Why do you never post every day as Andy and Chiara do ? It’s more interesting to click on your web when there’s a new post every day….

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