Vote for me as “Fashionista of the year!”



CHIC. I’m super honored to be one of the nominees for “Fashonista of the year” in the Swedish magazine CHIC’s annual award and it would mean the world to me if you guys voted for me!! Just scroll down to the voting section and cast your vote here!

Thank you all so much for continuing to read my blog and supporting me, you are amazing!!

82 thoughts on “Vote for me as “Fashionista of the year!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it, and you look phenomenal in that Versace dress, Werq it! :D

  2. Voted! you are just such a huge inspiration and role model to me =)

  3. Just voted for you. You are, without a doubt, my greatest inspiration!
    Thank you for your work! Good luck!

  4. I love your blog. Please blog more often. Just went and voted, you so deserve it.

  5. You really deserve to win !!! congrats … I know u will win :)

    kisses from Southamerica


  6. I’m definitely voting for you, you’re amazing and definitely deserve it, a true fashionista!! X

  7. I’ve voted! and guess what you’re WINNING! You have, like, 60% of the votes right now! And I so think you deserve it.

  8. Of course you had my vote dear. Cant wait to meet you in Bologna!

    Anna from

  9. you look so amazing!! those shoes are definitely killer but oh so charming!! voting for you!

  10. Oh I love this outfit! The dress is to die for, the jacket grounds the outfit nicely and the hair is perfect.

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