Nikicio, part 2

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the boyfriend just got home after three weeks of surfing in Costa Rica so we had some catching up to do.

Anyways, here’s what was hiding in the gift from Nikicio. A beautiful see-through blazer and a super cool dress that will look awesome when Sweden finally starts to defrost.
Thank you so much Nina!

16 thoughts on “Nikicio, part 2

  1. Hey,

    I love your blog.

    Do you know where I could buy the Nickico products? That dress is divine, and I LOVE the jacket. I am insanely jealous.

  2. wowow
    how does that dress work?! can’t wait to see it ON!.
    how nice to have the boy back :) mine’s been gone gallivanting across the seas for weeks.

    love ur blog

  3. Hey hey !
    It’s a bit stupid i gotta say , but i didn’t know that swedish girls were THAT aware bout fashion!
    You really got the eye !
    here in paris the fashion stuff is so boring thes times. anyway. come have a look on my blog, im a photogrpher & my friend a model =)

  4. Min pojkvän är i costa rica för att surfa i 2 månader till, han har redan vatt där en månad, ush.
    var i CR va han? San jose? är många svenskar där har jag hört :) så sjukt om dom känner varandra.., haha u never know! älskar bloggen för övrigt!

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