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Pictures by Mattias Swenson

NEWYORK. Still have tons of pictures from NYFW to post but here’s a bunch that I snapped outside the Rebecca Minkoff show. They did my hair (I’m so not used to wearing my hair up, but I kind of like the way it turned out) and I also got to pick a look from Rebecca Minkoff’s f/w 12 collection to wear to her show. I fell in love with the bright yellow dress + jacket duo the second I saw it in their showroom and topped it off with the most stunning leather jacket I’ve seen in my entire life (definitely on my must have list for f/w 12!). Ran into Andy after the show and we had about 5 mins to catch up about the fashion week madness. Right now she’s in south america for 2 months, and besides being super jealous that she’s enjoying the most amazing weather right now, I’m missing her to bits! Hope you’re having an amazing time Andy, but please come back to Europe sooon!!

REBECCA MINKOFF leather jacket, blazer, dress, bag & shoes (all from the f/w 12 collection) + CÉLINE sunglasses.


167 thoughts on “new york, new york

  1. Gorgeous!! Love your glasses :)


    P.S. GIVEAWAY is going to end tomorrow, so you can still enter today :)

  2. You were right to choose that look, it’s outstanding =)
    Also, you should defintely give hair-up dos more credit, you can pull it off so effortlessly! keep it up x

  3. Great outfit !!! Love the jacket !!!

  4. Very cool to see you are such good friends :) I really like the dress you are wearing. Personally I like your hair better the way you do it yourself, but trying something new is always good
    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  5. you look phenomenal here! love those boots. you and Andy are like the dream team :) such cute pictures xx

  6. i love your hair up like this, it looks really cool! (also you look nice smiling in the first pic!)

    katie x

  7. that is one of the best hairdo, suits you so well!!
    Love everything you put together, at first glance I thought it was PS clutch.

  8. This is really incredible! Such a different hairstyle for you and it is such a beautiful one! Also the dress you are wearing is so sculptural and cool looking. Love this post, one of our favorites!

  9. WoW! Super cool pics!
    Love all the outfit!
    Love your hair-style and your lipstick color!



  10. oh wow! you look so different and strongly chic with that new hair up do~
    you combined an excellent outfit look, exceptional :D because you’re mostly wearing Rebecca’s new collection.
    I find her collection really colourful and vibrant and this blazer and shockingly great as dress show just that!
    so lovely~
    btw, can I say that this looks quite professional as well??


    Style Hostess

  11. You girls looks so gorgeous and chic. I love the cat eye Celine’ sunglasses!


  12. Just discovered your blog, and I love it!:) The blazer and dress wouldn’t happent to be for sale?:)

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