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NY. As I mentioned before, I’m still extremly behind on posting pictures from the places I’ve traveled to this past month so bare with me while we do yet another trip down memory lane! Here’s a bunch of pictures Mattias snapped of me after the Chris Benz show during New York fashion week. The gold Pierre Cardin sweater I’m wearing is one of my most treasured vintage finds ever, gotta love a bit of sparkle on a gray day!





Zara Coat. Vintage Pierre Cardin Sweater. Bik Bok jeans. Scorett shoes. American Apparel bag.

130 thoughts on “new york

  1. Love this outfit. With the vintage cardigan, did you buy it or come across it in a Vintage store or Op Shop?
    I’ve never bought anything op shopping. I can never find something I like..

  2. I just looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that coat
    and I love your style, your not afraid to work with colour and you just always look so well put together

  3. i literally love everything about this outfit. it’s perfect. love the jacket with leather sleeves, beautiful structure. golden knit top, green nails, the way the clutch is folded over… agh. i love it.

    january, x

  4. Uh, I love your sweater, love your coat and love your shoes :D
    I’m curious about your upcoming adventures :D :D

  5. I like the sweater, but I REALLY like that jacket, which I think is so super cool. Scandinavian Nomad ♥

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