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NYC. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, my boyfriend and I are moving to New York for 3 months in the beginning of September so there’s a LOT of packing and reasearching to be done. But I’m so so so excited! :)

If anyone happen to know someone who’s subletting their apartment in downtown Manhattan/Brooklyn from September 5th to November 30th, email me at
(Tips on awesome vintage/thrift stores/flea markets are also higly appreciated ;) )

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  1. There is a reason why are you moving?:)PLEACE ECCSEPT ME TO YOUR FRIENDS ON fb

  2. im soo jealous, i used too live there but not anymore :(
    a great place too go is Beacon’s Closet, in Brooklyn. the most amazing thrift store in New York, guaranteed.

  3. Great Blog and Dope Photos! Good luck in new york. I just moved out to NEW YORK too!
    Be sure to check out and follow mine
    @ and on twitter @ tuxandtie

  4. I Brooklyn er det et stort innendørsmarked i helgene som heter Artist and fleas, det er fantastisk! Ellers i Brooklyn er Monk, Buffalo exchange og Beacons closet bra. (Når du først er i Brooklyn er the Lodge den beste kafeen/restauranten, anbefales virkelig) På Manhattan er Ina i Little Italy og marked i Hells kitchen verdt å sjekke ut. (men vintage er klart best i Brooklyn, både når det gjelder pris og utvalg) Sjekk ut cafe Habana, prince st/elizabeth street også forresten :)

  5. Just a couple of myy favorite vintage shops: Fox & Fawn in Brooklyn (so charming!), Beacon’s Closet, Old Hollywood in Greenpoint, and lots of cute shops on Bedford in Williamsburg – can’t wait to show you around.

  6. I live in New York, and I just want to want you about subletting, it can be dangerous. I did it when I moved here and it was not nice! I can suggest Radio City Apartments though, though it can be pricey. If not, craigslist.
    Good luck. If you have any questions, contact me ( I can always try to help as I have many frinds here on the UES who might be willing to help.

    Keep up with your’re amaxing blog, love it!


  7. I love NYC!!! wanna go there one day:-)

    check out my fashion blog at

    or follow me on twitter at TTOSindulgence

  8. Sorry for unable to help you with anything…
    and you’ll probably have another Guide to write for NYC then!! lol

  9. Omg goodluck! I have a feeling that you’re going to get more famous! But you’re going to miss stockholm right… but goodluck!! You’re my inspiration.

  10. You should go to the v-spot in Brooklyn( 156 5th ave ) they serve yummy vegan food and there’s a ton of shops around there too!

  11. wow, no i can’t believe you’re moving to nyc! how amazing! i’m a bit jealous though, since i’ve been there last summer it’s one of my dream to live there! are you having a job there or is it only for something like a long vacation?

  12. Why are you moving and why just a 3months? You don’t have appartment even and you are allready going? You rock girl!
    So, you asked about vintage etc;

    252 Grand Street
    (between driggs avenue and roebling street)
    -vintage dior, manolo blahnik, valentino, etc.. everything under 100$

    86 North 6th street
    (corner of wythe avenue)
    -vintage clothes DIYed in todays fashion! only evening dresses are above 100$

    Manhattan’s Soho is all about vintage! You must see What Comes Around Goes Around -store on western Broadway, Greenwich Village (Hamlet’s Bleecker -street) and in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg (Vice Versa Bedford Avenue).
    You can have with 30€ real Italian army -jacket, boots or blazer.

    Brooklyn’s PARK SLOPE
    (7th Avenue)
    -fleemarket is full of people on weekends.

    east houston -street
    (on lower east side)
    -doesn’t left you cold, as they say :)

    And there’s planty of more! 34th street Herald Square and Brooklyns Macy’s -shoppingmall has allways sales up to 65% and from Macy’s info you can get “11% OFF” -card just showing your passport! There is similar cards allmost anywhere so keep asking :) (they are so called tourist-cards).

    Few links about cheap outlets;

    xoxo Ida

  13. Hej Carolina,
    jag tipsar dig mer än gärna om allt från lägenheter (betala aldrig i förskott), marknader och annat jag önskar jag visste när jag flyttade hit. Jag bor här sedan 1 1/2 år och det mesta kan du läsa om här:

    Annars får du mer gärna maila mig om du vill ha lite nummer till folk som har lägenheter, där jag tidigare bott.

  14. I am going to be in NY for 3 months (late dec- late march) and cannot wait! i wish i was going right now, you are so lucky! i don’t have any recs for sublets as i am travelling for 3ish weeks in the middle so im not doing any long term rentals and i will be staying with a friend who lives in soho for a fair bit. but just wanted to say, be very careful when trusting rental ads, particularly on craigslist. if it seems to good to be true it usually is. from my past experience always look for the following in the listings:

    1. does the location described in the title match the address in the description (for example i found one that said chinatown/little italy in the title, the address was a midtown location)
    2. does the apartment description match the photos (seems simple enough but easy to miss. ie. ive seen ones that say ‘island bench top for dining’ yet there is none in the kitchen photo, or ‘mirrored sliding cupboards in bedrooms’ yet the wardrobe is just one solid wood door) inconsistencies like this (even if the pics look amazing) are a red flag
    3. is the listing in broken english/poor grammar etc??
    4. copy and paste the title of the listing (ie. amazing brownstone, 2bd soho) into google. if a million of the same title comes up be cautious. if you click on some of the other links it often says ‘this listing has been flagged for removal’)

    i hope you have an amazing time!!
    if you need any more tips just shoot me an email :-)

  15. I love love love the blog, one of my favorite fashion reads so far. I’m not sure about NY, but rebelbellevintage has plenty of cool vintage finds in the shop, come and visit me sometime ♥


  16. I absolutely love your blog, and congrats on moving to NYC! Jealous!
    Have a lot of fun out there, can’t wait till you start blogging from there!


  17. Wow, that sounds like an amazing adventure. Wish you all the best there. And am curious about your updates :)

  18. I second the reader who said Beacon’s Closet… the one in Williamsburg is THE BEST. That, and Buffalo Exchange are my absolute favorite vintage stores in NYC. I suppose they’re more second-hand than they are vintage, but I always come out with great finds! Screaming Mimis is fun too, even if you’re just window shopping, and I love how they separate clothing out by decade. Have fun!

  19. ^ I was going to comment the same thing! Williamsburg is so fun and cool! It has great vintage stores! Beacon’s closet was definitely my favorite! and the best thing about Williamsburg is that it is so close on the subway, it’s at the top of brooklyn so it’s super easy to visit there! hope you have fun! i’m jealous!

  20. Love taking photos. Love everything about it. I love to talk about it. I love to dream about it. I see the wonderful inspirational shots online and wish I can be the one taking it. yeah, that’s my ultimate fantasy. GreenwichGal

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