new in: statement necklace

LOVE. How great is this necklace?! Couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this little gem over at H&M of all places, definitely one of my new favorite pieces!

And speaking of favorites, love, love, love the latest issue of RUSSH! How stunning is Marique Schimmel on the cover? The whole editorial makes me long for summer soo much..

H&M necklace. COS top. RUSSH magazine.


140 thoughts on “new in: statement necklace

  1. wwooow!! i went to h&m today and i didn’t see it..i wish i will find it the next’s gorgeous..and it looks expensive!

  2. Yeah..this necklace has been all over the blogosphere for a few weeks. I can’t find it even if my life depends on it, I think they don’t have it over here (Portugal). You lucky girl!

    xo Joana

  3. i’ve been on the lookout for this necklace after seeing it on This Chick’s Got Style! love it!

    katie x

  4. I just found this yesterday! I had been looking in every H&M in New York and finally found one left … I was so excited; the cashier asked if I needed medical assistance.

  5. I saw it on so many blogs already and everytime I click on a post like this I love it even more. This necklace is so gorgeous, I can’t believe it! xx

  6. Amazing necklace, even more amazing that it’s H&M! they have such good value jewellery and accessories!!

  7. Such a lovely piece! Reminds me a bit of a vintage necklace I have that’s been in my family for generations. It’s good to see that beautiful things like this are still being made, and at places like H&M, too!

  8. this necklacke is absolutely amazing! After spotting it in your blog I had to go to H&M immediately.
    But unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere in whole London….:/ Which store did you get yours from?

  9. Wow that’s a great great great accessory! I bet it dresses up even a simple tee. Gonna hunt it down ;)

  10. I love how you always say: “H&M or all places.” I remember you once shot an H&M black leather and gold necklace which I thought was beautiful and I later found it at the SoHo store and just had to get it! Sometimes you get lucky at H&M…sometimes…not so much. Still worth checking it out! This piece looks like a nOir necklace! :)

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