New in: patent loafers


LOVE. Loafers were a big hit on the runway and have been on my must have list for fall 2011 for months now. After searching in every store that crossed my path I found these ones at Zara and fortunately, they met all my loafer criterias; Black? Check. Patent? check. Tassles? double check! I’ve only worn them for 5 minutes in my apartment so far but they seem pretty comfortable and I think they will be a nice break from all the high heels I’ll be wearing as the fashion weeks are about to start. First up is Stockholm Fashion Week that begins today, tune in tomorrow for lots of pictures!

80 thoughts on “New in: patent loafers

  1. Love everything (especially oxfords and loafers) in patent! Love these ones you got, the details can make any outfit classy.


  2. Eeew. Man shoes. Can’t imagine how bad they are gonna look like on your ghost white body.

  3. And since when it is my fault that you buy an ugly pair of shoes? :D Don’t blog if you can’t staind critics. I have posted positive comments for you before as well, im just honest.

  4. these are unmistakenly and insanely full of amazingness.
    i’m totally drooling over those.

    xx //

  5. I got myself several pairs of loafers as well. definitely the must-have item for fall. and patent leather is always a go-to item. period.

  6. These are gorgeous! Arrgh I hate the fact that we don’t have Zara in Bergen!

    xoxo Despite color

  7. I adore what they have been doing to loafers this season. They have been on my list for a while as well, just haven’t found that right pair. Love yours.

  8. Lo-Ve-Ly! :) There were also other nice ones in Zara when I last checed the shoes for this autumn. I wonder if there’s different selection in Finland – or then I just didn’t notice these ones.

  9. love, Love & LOVE these shoes. From Zara you say; just wonderful. I have a special place in my heart for shoes with tassels and these are great.


  10. I’ve been looking for a pair of loafers myself, found one at Beyond Retro but unfortunately they were too small… But these look very nice indeed!

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