new in: necklace

SUNDAY. Pheww, had almost forgotten how much work goes into moving! For the past week I’ve been working like mad in the new apartment to get everything ready for the big move this week and there’s still a lot to be done! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive, and of course show you my new awesome necklace ;)

MINUSEY necklace. THE GENTLEWOMAN magazine.


91 thoughts on “new in: necklace

  1. Beautiful necklace ! Can’t wait to see it with some outfits

    New outfit post on tripsandtreasures. net

  2. I love your blog soo much! Please come and see my blog if you have the time! <3

    xx Nicole

    :: NICOLE.BLOG.CA ::

  3. Really lovely !!!xxx

  4. i think i was too late for participate but really pretty necklace :)

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