new in: metallic


LOVE. Finally got my hands on these amazing metallic Zara heels! They look good paired with pretty much anything and gives even the most simple outfit a boost. And, did I mention that they where on sale?!

101 thoughts on “new in: metallic

  1. So gorgeous, can’t wait to see the outfits you style for them!

  2. i’m practically running now into store :) those heels are super fantastic! i just can’t take my eyes off!

  3. I’ve been looking for these for forever but can’t seem to find them. You’re so lucky !

  4. I love them!!! I hadn’t seen them before, but I already own the black suede version and I don’t think I could say no to these either if our paths would cross… Good buy!

  5. These are so nice. They’re like a modern version of Dorothy’s red shoes – I feel like if I were to wear them it would be magical! How much did you pay for them? Either way they’re stunning!

    The I on Fashion

  6. WHAT!? I’ve never seen this color. Only black and white. And they are on sale? How is that possible? They were never online either. Darn it. Me WANT!

  7. Carolina, could you please give your lovely lovely readers the article number of these pumps?!!? I need to check with every Zara in the country. Lol.

  8. I loveeeee those, do you know how i can find them?? pleasseeeee

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