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MAKEUP. One of the best things about traveling a lot is that you can buy makeup brands that aren’t available in your own country. Whenever I head to the US for example I always stock up on products from Stila, Benefit and Urban Decay. Last week when my boyfriend went to NY he was kind enough to help me out with buying some products I’ve been wanting to try for a while and I probably looked like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve when he got home the other day and handed over the Sephora bag, hehe. So far I have only tried the Stila blush and the Urban Decay highlighter (love, love, love them!) but tomorrow I’m going to experiment a bit with the Smashbox palette which supposedly really makes blue eyes pop! I’ll try my best to snap some pictures :)

SMASHBOX Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette – Blue Eyes. STILA smudgepot.  STILA All day waterproof eyebrow color. STILA Custom Color Blush. URBAN DECAY Urbanglow Cream Highlight. URBAN DECAY eyeshadow (Midnight Cowboy). ANASTASIA tinted brow gel.


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  1. im the exact opposite when it comes to make up and skin care …. i live in the UK and i have mine shipped from the US every month… i caannnott and refuse to compromise with products that are available to me …wish i was more daring that way i will have more make up etc… but my skin is too sensitive… cant wait to see all ur experiment… i need to get influnced to be more daring :) helppp x x x x

  2. Midnight Cowboy is super sparkly! I usually always wear it on New Years. Enjoy!!


  3. Ha ha ha, that sounded a bit like me :-) I always do exactly the same and go buying makeup I can’t here in the Canary Islands when I’m abroad. It feels great, I know xD

    Isabel x

    “I” is for Isabel

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