New in: Leopard clutch


Zara Clutch. Cheap Monday Sunnies.

LEO. I don’t know what it is with me and leopard print but I never seem to get tired of it. Got this baby at Zara the other day and I’m pretty sure it’s actually meant to be a wallet but I’m planning to use it as a small clutch, perfect to spice up a simple outfit!

68 thoughts on “New in: Leopard clutch

  1. ooooh how i would love to have that clutch! why doesnt zara in australia have it?!?!? so disappointing.x

  2. Gorgeous clutch and cool sunnies ! Funny ! 2 days ago, i bought a Zara clutch as well, it’s leopard too, but half leopard and half suede ! and a pair of Square Wavefarer !!!


  3. I read too quickly and thought you said that the purse was from baby Zara and thought, wow, I guess the Zara baby is as stylish as the Zara woman… maybe I should check that section out next time and see what they’ve got. NEVER MIND. Nice sunglasses, btw.

  4. cool clutch and lovely glasses
    you’ve got an awsome blog, i’m following


  5. I love those sunglasses! I’m not a big fan of those cat eyes, really cool on everybody but me, but I sure can fancy those!

  6. LOVE IT. I don’t find it at Zara’s anymore. Do you know about anywhere else I can buy it?! I love leopard. You’re lucky to have that clutch :-D

  7. omg i love it, i just picked up a leapoard print ipad case but i sport it as a clutch too!
    im also a stylist let connect !

  8. It’s sooooo pretty!
    I cannot seem to get enough of leopard either… Since highschool, I just find it so classy and sexy at the same time! x

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