New in: Fringe boots

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BOOTS. Found these boots at the Zara sale and didn’t think twice about buying them. Wish I could show you how awesome they look in motion with all the fringes dancing around my feet!


104 thoughts on “New in: Fringe boots

  1. Love them but love your new header and design even more! great way to start the new year!

  2. wow they look super cool those boots can’t wait to see you wearing them! I love fringes and those look pretty amazing!

    lots of love


  3. Wow- that is SO OLD. Fringe boots?? I had to check the date of this post. And I usually don’t comment so this is the first time I had to scroll through all the comments and now I see that you obviously don’t read or regulate your comments because so much of this comment content is from other people just plugging their own blogs and websites. I really like this blog, and I compliment you, but… a suggestion- hire some interns or review your comments before they are posted (very simple). I like to see real feedback and (I understand shameless promotion from others who area using your space) I don’t want to see it on your blog. That cheapens it. You might not see this post anyway.
    P.S.- I still wear my suede fringe boots and I think they are five years old, and I love them. I didn’t meant to be a hypocrite but I wore my fringe boots today and I felt warm, but a little out-of-date.

  4. JJ: Hi JJ, Thanks for your feedback!
    I read Every. Single. Comment and I don’t mind people linking to their blogs, it’s a great way for me to get to know my readers better! I honestly have no idea what you mean with the “real feedback” thing, why is it less real if you write ‘love those boots’ instead of a comment like yours? 

    As for the fringed boots, trends come and go, I wear what I like, if you don’t like them that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion! :)

  5. I actually didn’t even noticed the shoes till I looked at the comments, it was the picture in the back that caught my attention. I know her face from somewhere but I just can’t put a name to it. Anyway the boots are gorgeous and you simply can’t go wrong with fringed boots. I’m sure they look absolutely great on!

  6. I especially love buying fabulous stuff during sales, good find! (:

  7. Last year also at Zara sale I bought leather, fringe skirt. It looks awesome in motion too, probably just like those boots. I thought the skirt would be the only fringe item in my wardrobe but now I’m not so sure anymore … I must have those shoes too!!!

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