new in: floral top

H&M floral top

FLORALS. Stumbled upon this gorgeous top at H&M today and being a floral print addict, I obviously had to buy it.
Keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine tomorrow, I have the perfect outfit in mind for this baby!

130 thoughts on “new in: floral top

  1. The black piping detail looks really nice against that print. The floral design is so vibrant, I love that stark contrast.

  2. This top is so cute! I love the cut. The floral pattern makes it girly but the black outline gives it an edge.

  3. Its so pretty and fresh. I wish there was a H&M nearby unfortunately there isn’t unless i am willing to drive to another state.

  4. It is beautiful, hopefully you will have great weather because i cannot wait to see your outfit wearing this :) x angie

  5. I never thought I was much of a floral person but with all the great retro florals coming out I think I am channeling a nana! I want everything floral! Skirt, pants, top, shorts, you name it and as it’s winter here in the Southern Hemisphere I add a granny cardigan to stay warm. I think I may have lost the plot! :)

  6. Amazing!

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  7. i just bought this top today! L.O.V.E. it. you always find the most amazing stuff h&m has to offer.

  8. Was watching Rachael Ray about 3 weeks ago and a guest she had on had this top on. I fell in love with it but couldn’t find out anything about it. Then yesterday “Chloe” on “The Young & “Restless” had it on. Found info on it to this site but Looked up “H & M” and no longer available . Aaahh!!! eBay has a size 10 but I need it larger. I know I may be able to find a pattern and see one cause I see but that material is so cool doubt I could find it. Any suggestions? Thanks all. Lisa

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