91 thoughts on “New in: Black pumps

  1. So classic! I like how the toe is so petitely sized – it really accentuates that bit of a point more. And not poorly priced, either, I might look into their collection more thoroughly!

  2. They look stunning!

    xxx Camilla, http://www.NativePassion.blogspot.com

    ps. I have an adversitement of a pair of sunnies on my blog, and I would really be happy if you could help me. I don’t know what brand they are or where they are from. Maybe you’ve seen them before? I would be so happy if I could get some fashion expertise to find them. Thank you!

  3. It screams sexy. I agree that the perfect black pumps are always hard to find, i’m not sure if it is because there are so many black pumps or if a lot of them are too elaborate with the straps, gloss, texture or whatever uses on them. Those however, looks pretty fantastic if you ask me.

    THATS GRYT, Aves Gry

  4. Amazing shoes! I’m still looking for the perfect pair of heels for the party of my final exams, but I haven’t found them. I bought a pair of your werelse x mango touch shoes, but they were too small and now they’re sold out. So sad, but I will keep looking for some :) xx

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