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Picture by Mattias Swenson

SHOES. Finally got my hands on these babies from Zara! They kind of remind me of those stunning Prada heels that sold out in 2 seconds last year, but for a fraction of the price. Stay tuned for the full outfit!

ZARA heels.

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  1. Nice heels!
    I have a very similar ones from Mango and I’m using and showing at my last outfits. I hope you also like them.

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    ?????? ??????

  2. These shoes are amazing! I love the heel, it even looks a little bit comfortable for such a high shoe :) xx

  3. i looooooove these kind of shoes!
    i even bought some that look just as good, but were soooo cheap!!! i even blogged about them HERE
    cause i think zara’s quite expensive!

  4. I bought these because the Prada’s were sold out, they’re so similar! Prada has brought back a similar pair to ss/11’s though!

  5. These are so gorgeous and amazing hope I’ll have a pair like these

  6. love the new sandals! they look confy..


  7. Great..wish I could find so cool things on my visits at ZARA…


  8. I bought them too, really similar to Prada ones, love theme and I don’t care if a lot of girls have them!

  9. They are amazing! Unfortunately they’ve already sold out here in Austria.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

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