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  1. Vilken sida köper du dina rebecca minkoff väskor ifrån? hittar bara konstiga sidor, så vågar inte beställa!

  2. I love love love those shoes! I have absolutely no reason or excuse to wear them though, so I will just enjoy the way you style them! But seriously! I love them!

    Luvv, Leigh B

  3. i would love to see someone walking in these shoes.. simply curiosity!
    maybe a video or a gif image someday..

  4. Great fur bag! I did one as a DIY and it’s also great for warming up your hands if it’s cold outside ^^

  5. Saw that book the other day, I am fairly certain it was H&M? Really considering buying it, is it any good? Adoring the Jeffery Campbells, can not wait to see posts with you wearing them.

  6. I love what you get…

    Waiting to see you wearing these shoes…
    I have too the bible of fashion…So interesting…

    Please FOLLOW me…
    Always FOLLOW back…




  7. Oh, im so curious how comfortable those shoes are! Please make a post of them!!! :) Gorgeous stuff you got there, btw!

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