navajo pants

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

WEDNESDAY. Wore this outfit to lunch with a friend yesterday, and I still can’t believe I can get away with wearing an outfit like this in the end of December. Last year it was absolutely freezing around this time of the year and I was wearing about 500 layers to survive the cold. But I’m sure the winter weather will come back and bite us in the ass in january and february. Oh well, I guess the best thing to do is to just enjoy it while it lasts, right? ;)

ZARA coat. H&M sweater. ZARA pants. H&M bag (with Rebecca Minkoff chain attached). NOWHERE shoes. H&M necklace.

113 thoughts on “navajo pants

  1. Ahh been debating about whether or not to get that necklace, I think you helped me make up my mind. Beautiful as always, Carolina!

  2. You should start writting the lipsticks you wear on each blog! I just love them!

  3. Brenda: Yep, It was about 6-7 degrees outside so I wasn’t cold at all. Also, you might not see it in the pictures but I’m wearing a knitted sweater underneath the coat :)

  4. I love the Navajo pants you are wearing!!!! I wish that I can have one too :)
    We should still look good in style during winter too right!

    Love your outfit!

  5. Great outfit. It’s “extremly” warm for december at my town, too, but you’re right: Enjoy it! I think it will come in the official spring months.
    Yesterday I had almost bought this necklace and now I wish I had done it. It looks so great on your outfit :)


  6. Love those Zara trousers! Texas has been the same way this year – unseasonably warm! Not that I love freezing to death, but still – it just feels weird to walk outside in shorts in DECEMBER.

  7. Very lovely and very unusual for clean one colour loving Swedish girl. I like your style, be brave with more outfits like that. Happy New Year 2012.

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