Nakkna ss11









Nakkna s/s 11, Stockholm Fashion Week. Pictures by me.

DREAMY. Long lenghts, layers, gray, black and beige. My favorite?
The flowy dress in the last picture, genious!

32 thoughts on “Nakkna ss11

  1. I love the minimalistic fluidity of the collection! The movement on the sleeves slightly remember me of water and the colour scheme looks like it came from the moon and/or the desert at sunrise.
    Stunning :)

  2. I love the dress in the last photo! Really floats, and has wintery themed colours! But its s/s ?

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  4. These are great photos! it looks like it was an amazing show!
    I love your blog btw, its fabulous! if you get time, would love if you could check mine out :)

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