N 10 street

carolina engman, new york, n 10 st, hat



Tee, MQ. Shorts, Bik Bok. Hat, H&M. Boots, ??. Random sign found on the street. Pictures by Dan Carlberg.

STREETS. What’s up with the crazy warm weather in NY?! It’s almost october, I want fall, layers and cosy sweaters!


55 thoughts on “N 10 street

  1. this picture SCREAMS new york! graffitti-ridden staircases are the epitome of the big apple.

    gorgeous as always,

    sincerely, YCM


  2. Love the boots, but i’m confused…did u take the sign of a pole or did u find it lying in the street??

  3. Fara: hahahaha, I’m so offended that you even considered that I might have taken it off a pole! I found it on the street and it was super dirty, but it looks awesome in pictures! ;)

  4. not too sure but i am here now and was asking myself the same thing, esp on Saturday. totally wished it was more fall ish. Great pics!

  5. Boo to warm weather in the Fall. LA finally decided that it should be summer so the weather gods came down and said screw you LA. The bad part is I live downtown and when it gets hot it smells really bad down here. It’s like it all settles here.

  6. I love layering, but here it is already way too cold, I would be happy to have warm wheather…it is constantly raining here. Have fun in NY! I LOVE that city!!! Already looking forward to my next trip there!


  7. Great idea for a photoshoot!
    I’m ready to switch with you and take all the warm weather with me!
    Here in Holland it’s cccccold..

  8. vädret var galet i new york. och det var inte kul att komma hem till sverige. men jag håller med. det är mysigt med lager på lager.

  9. älskar dina bilder!! vilken kamera använder du?:) är väldigt tacksam för svar!!!

  10. Everybody is claiming because of the cold weather in germany :D
    you can´t belive how lucky I´d be if there were only 20 degrees!

  11. Damn it, your shoes are always so amazing!
    Shoemanic, that’s all I have to say ;)
    Your outfits are amazing.
    Take care, Bea

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