76 thoughts on “Mustard Knit

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  3. Loving the combination of that burnt orange coloured Céline and the mustard knit – just fabulous! It’s so cold here too at the moment, although granted it is almost winter in Australia. Still, I don’t deal too well with the cold (yet somehow managed a winter in Canada? – weirdo). Hahaha!



  4. A classy look!! Love the idea of looking in the Men’s department…that sweater is yummy!! Looks Gold to me, but Mustard comes in lots of shades :-))

  5. Exquisite look! The burnt orange and mustard combo are colors that have taken a back seat in recent years–so happy to see they are coming out again. I wish my BF loved sweaters from J Crew because I would be raiding his closet right now! Ha ha!

    Kiss kiss,

    adorn la femme

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  7. I stumbled on your site by accident and Goshhh….just loving your great sense of style. You’ve given me a few outfit inspirations so thank you

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