MURUA S/S 11 behind the scenes

MURUA. Momoko posted this behind the scenes video of the campaign + lookbook I did for MURUA s/s 11 with her in December
last year . We had so much fun during the shoot and watching this video brings back so many memories, miss the amazing crew so much!

Producer, stylist & model MOMOKO OGIHARA
ArtDirector&Photograpfer MOTE SINABEL
Hair&Make MIO
US LocalProducer Raven
Press&styling Assist RIKA SHIMIZU
Production SIGNO,Inc

44 thoughts on “MURUA S/S 11 behind the scenes

  1. I love your first look in video. The jacket is SO AMAZING. Too bad you can’t shop MURUA international T.T

  2. Beautiful…
    Is that Carolina on the last shoot on the ‘bed’ setting? I’m pretty sure it’s not, but if it is – completely unrecognizable. I love that girl’s makup – lots of eyeliner/mascara/shade and nude lips. Very good call on the stylist/makeup artist part, if lips were red, the whole look would not be so interesting and sexy.

  3. how did you start doing your styling ?
    how did you become a fashion editor ?

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