BLUE/GREEN. The lovely Asos shoes finally arrived, and surprise, they’re too big! :( I’m almost considering keeping them as art, but I think I’ll have to send them back and hope that they will find a loving home where someone with bigger feet will rock them! more pictures + details below..




American Apparel denim shirt. Miss Sixty jeans. Asos shoes. Michael Kors watch.

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  1. I ordered the same shoes and had the same problem. I’m usually an 8 1/2 or 9 so I ordered a 9 (whole sizes only) but they were way too big. I was so disappointed!

  2. Your shoes don’t look too big!! Get in-soles and keep them.. so gorge! ;)

    I’ve been wondering where you got your MK watch… I have been looking for one with a black face, but they don’t seem to sell them anywhere..please tell where you purchased yours!

  3. such a desperate shame that they are too big… I would sob! I remember looking at the on asos and wanting them so badly… Can you not get another size???

  4. The heels are colour blocked perfection! For some reason they remind me of prevous Marni’s. Never thought blue and green worked so well together!

  5. Gosh they fit perfectly in these photos! I mean they don’t seem to big. They have gorgeous colors!!1 I just love those tones… superb! :D

  6. Those shoes are GORGEOUS!!! They don’t look too big from these photos…but if you are going to return them get them in a smaller size because those shoes are PERFECT for you.

  7. these shoes are wonderful hopefully you send them back for another pair in your size

    Vi from Cali

  8. Oh my gosh! the last time i’ve ordered 2 pair of shoes, they 2 are small, I sent them like a christmas gift for my mother and sister in Brazil, because if you send it back to asos I think you’ll need some patience, And I don’t have patience! I have ordered new 2 pairs with the correct number again! hihi
    Kisses, Alinne


  9. Damn!… and they look great on you, the colours are freakin amazing… are totally rockin the Monday denim on denim!

  10. Hei!

    Hvilken størrelse har du i skoene? Hvis du har størrelse 38 eller 37, så kunne jeg gjerne tenke meg å kjøpe de. :)

  11. Whaou those shoes are amazing !
    If I was able to walk with such heels, I wouldn’ hesitate !
    Great look

  12. i just came back from blueisinthefashionthisyear
    and i said about the denim shirt
    i wanted to get one from buckaroo jeans today but passed because i wanted to explore more shops to find the right pair for me:) love your look here
    that shoes look great on you
    love it all the time

    lumete interview@

  13. Please please please… name or link to these amazing shoes… I can’t seem to find them on the ASOS website now… They were just there!!! They look amazing on you!

  14. how did you start doing your styling ?
    how did you become a fashion editor ?

  15. Hello!
    I wanted to ask you if you returned this shoes ?and if it’s not the case do you accept to sell it to me ?
    Thank you for your answer!!

  16. I almost bought these a few months ago but since it was dead winter In Vermont I realized It would just be a tease. Now they are sold out and im kicking myself..look great on you though! Any chance these are 7’s?


  17. Hey! Amazing blog and heels! Could you please let me know how I can get them I need them:)
    Lavi xxxx

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