23 thoughts on “mk in pink

  1. I love the oversized blazer and oversized shirt, but it’s a little too overwhelming with the oversized pants. I would definitely wear this, but with tight black skinny jeans or black leggings.

  2. Hej!
    Jag är ute efter ett par varma vinterskor, men dom måste vara snygga samtidigt. Har du nåt tips? Känns som det är en otroligt svår kombination!
    Tack för en grymt bra blogg!

  3. yes, yes she does. love love love how the pants and boots look kinda awkward at the ankle.

    and isn’t it just too cool how ashley’s outfit is like the reverse colours of MKs?


  4. This outfit is all wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love MK, but is she wearing sweat pants? And that jacket is way to long and big for her. It makes her so much more petite than she already is.

  5. Is it really possible to look that amazing wearing ANYthing? ‘
    Yes it is.. If your name is Mary-kate., Definitely my biggest inspirationsource!

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