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carolina engman burgundy Pictures by Mattias Swenson

AW. Woke up to what felt like the perfect fall day yesterday and totally embraced it by throwing on my favorite leather vest from Acne. After this insane heatwave we’ve been battling for the past couple of weeks it felt SO good to finally get to play around with some layering again. The patterned silk shirt was a lucky sale find (still a couple of ones left here) and I’m really loving the way it clashes against the print of the skirt!

carolina engman leather vest and prints

proenza schouler ps1 black mediumnixon kensington watchprints on printsLEATHER VEST Acne. SHIRT Alceè (here). SKIRT Kenzo. BAG Proenza Schouler ps1 (here). WATCH Nixon (here). CROSS RING Fashionsquad x Cooee. HEELS Sigerson Morrison ‘Brielle‘.

138 thoughts on “Mix & match

  1. I really love this outfit. Mixed patterns and different layers. And you’re right, it’s so much easier to get dressed when there’s not a heatwave going on outside :)

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love the mixture of the prints! The colors go well with this outfit.

  3. 와..왠만해선 댓글안쓰는데 넘이뻐요 오늘out fit!!!awesome♥

  4. I’m in love with the unexpected layers together. Love the Sirgeson Morrison heels & Proenza Schouler satchel.

  5. I love your hair color! It’s beautiful with the red vest:)


  6. Wow this is a beautiful outfit filled out prints, patterns and beautiful shoes.


  7. I’m japanese.
    I can’t English well.



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