ACNE. Some pieces from the ss12 resort collection has already arrived at Acne and when I saw this mint green knit in store last week I completely fell in love with it. After thinking about it for a couple of days I finally caved in and bought it. Can’t wait until spring arrives so I can pair it with a white leather skirt, silver jewellery and bare legs!

ACNE, mint green knit

140 thoughts on “MINT

  1. Lovely!
    Sweetie, about the nowhere dress, the one with the longer back, which size is yours? Hows the fit?
    Thank you,

  2. Mint är en totat underskattad färg men den ska helst vara lite smutsig så det inte blir för pastelligt.

  3. That color is so gorgeous – don’t wait till spring, pair it with some of your black leather + metal goodness!

  4. Mariana: Mine is size small but it was waaaay too big over the bust for me so I actually cut it off in the middle and started using it as a skirt instead :) Also if you wear it as a dress it’s quite long and I didn’t like that either, so by cutting it off I made the lenght shorter as well so now it ends mid thigh on me.

  5. Thank you so much Carolina. My bust size is 89cm and i’m a bit worried because the sizes are 40 something cm, and i’m afraid it won’t fit. Really appreciated your help.
    All my love,

  6. AMAZING! The colour, the thickness, it’s all brill. Acne why do you have to do this to me?

  7. THE perfect colour! I would so wear this with a pair of light jean shorts if I could buy it ofcourse! lol
    can’t wait to see how you style it :)

  8. I love knit and I love the color. Actually something I’ve been eyeing for a while. I hope it’s soft!

  9. Wow, what an amazing piece!
    I’m sure it will look great with the white h&m leather skirt from the spring collection!

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