31 thoughts on “mink pink

  1. absolutely stunning girls and lookbook- love the laid back flirty feel and the clothes are awesome too! Is that Bambi… i think so- what a hottie!xxx
    fashion clocked
    I would really love you to call by sometime!xxxx katie.xx

  2. really gorgeous <3 & so reminiscent of alexa chung, especially those first few outfits!

  3. Wow, cool socks in the last picture! Love the composition and the outfits in general.

  4. beautiful clothing, but couldn’t help but notice the photoshop fail on bambis leg in the second picture…

  5. i feel like bambi only chooses to work with the most talented designers.. shes everywhere now!!


  6. i want everything here! espically those white knee highs!! great post glad i found your blog :)

    check mine out if you eget a chance


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