Minimarket s/s 09

SHOE PORN. I used these beauties for a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. We’re talking major chrush here.
I think I sort of need the black ones if I ever want to feel complete again. Really.

67 thoughts on “Minimarket s/s 09

  1. do you know if theres anywhere online that sells these boots? i need them omg.

  2. heyy
    if you go to myra’s blog and read my comment-she posted a blog on these inspired by you, you’ll laugh bc these beautiful creations of art are indeed shoe PORn!!
    may i ask how much they go for? if theyre not available online id like to set something up so that you could ship them to me..i’ll send you the mula obvi. haha
    get back to me @

  3. well we may have to fight cus im crushin too

    i love you blog

    come visit some time

  4. O M G … i NEED to buy those right NOW
    hahaha seriously whereee can i get them ?!

  5. hejsan, jag ska åka till paris i vår och jag har ingen aning om vilka butiker och gator som man inte får missa, så jag skulle bli jätte glad om du ville skriva några tips i din blogg! :)

  6. you should seriously buy a bunch and sell them online! hahah
    i seriously think we would ALL buy them
    they are beyond amazinggg

  7. oh dear god and grandma in heaven!
    where and when are these shoes avail?
    they are bloody fabulous!

  8. aah, såg de i en tidning för ett tag sen och sen det har jag inte kunnat sluta tänka på dem !!! =O men vet du var man kan köpa de å hur mycket de kostar …? =/ =)

  9. like all the other girls on here, I’m going crazy too over these!
    please, please let me know who they’re by and if there’s any way I can get my hands on a pair!

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