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Sorry for the radio silence guys! I’m honestly starting to believe there’s a curse on fashion week because every season I get sick on the last day. The past couple of days have been all about recovering and now I feel like I’m slowly coming back to life from this post FW coma.

Being a very clumsy person I rarely go for an all white look but for the second day of nyfw I made an exception, and it ended up being one of my favorites from last week. The shirt dress actually consists of two pieces, one actual shirt dress and a white shirt tied around the waist, kind of like a very minimalist take on grunge!

Shades of blue (via

Shades of blue (via

White shirt dress (

Emerson Fry Shirt Dress (via

DRESS Emerson Fry. SHIRT (tied around waist) COS, similar one here. PEARL EARRING Sophie Bille Brahe (similar one here). EAR CUFF Thomas Sabo (similar ones here). BAG Proenza Schouler (here). SUNGLASSES Illesteva (here). BRACELET Hermès. SHOES Jimmy Choo (here).

86 thoughts on “Minimalist

  1. This is a great outfit–I definitely love the whole white outfit look. However, I don’t think you know what grunge is and this outfit couldn’t be any further. I grew up in the 90’s and was a grunge kid, where what you wore was very much tied to the music you listened to. I know the fashion world is going through a 90’s run but just because people can add an earcuff to any outfit or tie a button down shirt around their waists doesn’t make it grunge. I really had to come out and say this even since the fashion world is (once again) bastardizing a whole era.

  2. Shoots: Thank you for your comment! As you probably know, my style is very minimalist and as far from grunge as it gets, but I do love playing around/experimenting with elements from different eras which is why I said it was ”Kind of like a very minimalist take on grunge”. Of course I’m aware that grunge is so much more than a shirt tied around the waist (I too grew up during the nineties), and perhaps I expressed myself in a clumsy way. Anyway, I’m really sorry if I offended you in any way that was definitely not my intention when posting this outfit.

  3. Love that this is a two piece and the second is an addition shirt for your waist! The blue accessories are a perfect addition.


  4. Well, fashion is all about expressing yourself. And i think tou did great with this look. And you made an interesting contrast calling it “minimalist grunge”

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