42 thoughts on “Milan, milan, milan

  1. What gorgeous pictures! What kind of camera were these taken with!?

    P.S. I soo love that scarf you’re wearing :0)

  2. Milan must’ve been fun in the spring :)
    I’ve been there during the heatwave of July’08 – bad times ;)

  3. You are very photogenic, I never noticed ! I want your hair, your leather jacket and your striped marine shirt ! x

  4. I haven’t been to Milan in years and when I was there I didn’t take awesome pictures like this .It looks absolutely stunning as does your outfit.

  5. gud vilka underbara bilder, och snygg karl har du också ;) haha. ni måste ju vara världens finaste par!!

  6. Oh, I’m so sad! :(

    you know, I’m Italian and I’m sorry that I don’t live near Milan because I would have been so happy to meet you!

  7. OW You two are the cutest couple evs! Milan looks beautiful and I’m tremendously jealous that you were there for fashion week but I’m hoping to visit it for the first time in the summer.

  8. kan inte du tipsa om vilka affärer, gallerior mm som man ska besöka i Paris?! Skulle bli jätte glad då:)

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