61 thoughts on “Miami by night

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love swooshy long exposure lights in photos far too much. Looks like you had lots of fun :) x

  2. hej kul att du kommer till milano, antar att det e modeveckan som lockar!
    bor har sen 4 ar tillbaka!
    anyways tankte hora vart din jacka kommer ifran!

  3. great great GREAT long exposure pics…
    very 90s fabulastic bigcity brightlights…living the rock and roll lifestyle i see. cheers to you!
    andrea oxoxoxx
    Life in Technicolor

  4. I’ve watched many blogs about fashion, but I think your is undobutedly the best! I really like the way how you posting. You don’t firmly pose to photos, you always look so natural and goregous! And, I guess, you don’t consider yourself as a fashion diva who turn her nose up all the time, but you seem to be a girl who always have fun with styling and wearing beautiful clothes.

    Keep up the good work!
    Btw, I’m so jealous of living in Stockholm! I’ve wanted to visit this city since like forever.

    Kisses from freezing and snowy Poland ;)

  5. you have officially inspired me to grow out my hair. you’re so lovely! :D



  6. Yay! These pictures are beautiful. Your hair is incredible, and I am proud that I’ve been growing my hair out even through the awkward stage. I can’t wait for long, long, long, carefree hair like yours. Beauty.


  7. Hej Carolina!
    of course it is what else ;)

    tips i Milano, hur lange stannar du?
    pa sondag har roberto cavalli sin mastercard launch fest.
    pa lordag ar det en presentation for cesare paciottis “dita von teese sko” i hans butik.
    pa mandag morgon ar det dsquared visningen som jag tycker du ska ga pa for det e en major happening-

    annat sa MASTE du ata pa obikà mozarella bar pa la rinascentes 7 vaning. (face to face med madonnan pa duomon)
    aven ta en drink eller 2 pa GLOBE sista vaningen pa coin i piazza 5 giornate underbar view och very chic place.

    om du ska ut o dansa tycker jag du ska ga till 11 (via toqville) ARMANI privè ett maste pa torsdag/fredag.

    maila mig om du vill ha mer tips.


  8. Hey Carolina, I saw you on Via della Spiga in Milan this weekend. You walked past me and I realized just too late where I knew you from, otherwise I would’ve said hi. Hope you had a good time here though?! You are currently travelling the world, jetting from Miami to Italy – what’s next on the itinerary? ;) xx

  9. wow I’d really like to take a better look at your outfits! these photos are gorgeous <3

  10. men ååååh.. *avis*
    fast jag kanske ska till LA med min bästa vän i sensommar/höst!

  11. Hvilken teknikk har du brukt for å få de kule effektene på bildene?

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