47 thoughts on “MANIAMANIA

  1. i am the same, ever since i first saw these photos ive been in love too. plus its bambi, and she is aussie and awesome.

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  2. Bambi is such a beauty. She has the most wonderful features. I love the pictures, I haven’t heard of maniamania so I shall definitely check it out.


  3. had no idea this was a lookbook at first! Gorgeous. And I want that drapey top in the third photo. I also love that she’s working those full eyebrows like mine!

  4. i agree, ive never heard of maniamania! my last post was on bambi, i saw these photos yesterday.. after i did it, owell!


  5. LOVE ManiaMania myself! I did a post on their pieces a little while ago. They are fabulous!!! Only wish I had $$ to get one of their pieces! :( Glad you’re lovin S.F.! :)

  6. Hi sweety, I just dicovered your blog,
    and I really like it! I will follow you now.
    Kisses from Holland


  7. just came across you through Modcloth! congrats on the dress being named after you! :) you blog rocks! x

  8. Så otroligt vackra bilder. Har följt din blogg ett tag och jag måste säga att det är den mest inspirerande och snyggaste bloggen jag sett/läst!

  9. Stunning photos. And the jewelery is to die for, I want every piece featured. Thank you for the post.

  10. i was just admiring this collection yesterday, lovely pieces and such a creative lookbook. plus bambi is such a babe!

  11. those rings are quite breathtaking! i would love to get my hands on one of those!!!!

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