Via Ludovico Il Moro


Photos by Andy Torres

MILAN. Still in Milan working on the project with Andy & Chiara, and man, is it hot here or what? I was just starting to get excited about fall and layers and now I’m back in the middle of summer again. But at least I can get some more wear out of these leather shorts ;)

On Thursday I’m going back to Sweden and after that, fashion week mayhem is starting all over again, meaning a lot of traveling, no sleep and a whole lot of fun, can’t wait!!








Whyred top. H&M leather shorts. Karen Walker sunnies. H&M necklace. Michael Kors watch. Zara shoes & clutch.

146 thoughts on “Via Ludovico Il Moro

  1. sooo beautiful, you look like a doll :)

    does the black zara shoes hurt as most as the silver ones?

  2. i have the same sunglasses… and they look gorgeous on you! love the leather shorts and the touch of red.
    can’t wait to see what you guys are scheming over there!

  3. Very beautiful and the hair is divine! Can`t wait mine to grow up! Have a good time in Milan! xxx

  4. I love the second and the third pic!

    Om ni kan svenska kolla in min blogg som startades idag! ;) handlar främst om träning och allt vad det innebär.

    Ha en fin dag allihopa!!

  5. It’s so simple but so beautiful. That clutch and your sunglasses are amazing. Great photos by Andy :)

  6. Love this look,so simply but with some accessories that make the difference like the sequined clutch!


  7. that’s right next to my office :-) yes, we’re still in summer mode (and in summer clothes..) love the bag!

  8. Looking good!
    I have the same shorts but they’re just waiting around for an unexpected day of sun… it’s so cold here in Amsterdam, wish I could trade with you!

  9. Love your outfit :D And Andy Torres is such a good photograph, she did amazing pictures !

  10. Hej, jag har en fråga om din neongula Satchel bag – vad heter den modellen? Är det fluro eller the batchel? Beställde du via nätet?

    Tack på förhand!

  11. Just so COOL!
    I love the gold/silver clash…might encourage me to mix a bit more since I like to wear both.
    Aren’t they the shoes that really hurt though? Such dedication! ;)

  12. you look super pretty. I wish I could wear shorts right now. anyway, this look is really nice. that h&m necklace is my favourit accessory at the moment


  13. you’re super good looking. and your hair is gorgeous.
    i love your outfit! Hope you have fun when fashion week starts.
    And, I cannot wait to see your project with Andy and Chiara!
    Dolly, xo

  14. I love your hair!
    Is tihs your natural hair? How did you get so beautiful waves?:-D

  15. Hi!

    Love your watch! I am looking for that Style for a long time! Can you tell me if it has black face and the reference Nr so I can search?

    Thanks a lot!

    I am a huge fan of your blog.

    Kisses from Portugal

  16. you look super pretty. I LOVE the all dress! Outfit is cool… I like her dress is looking very nice, because the color of dressing and fitting is perfect!

  17. I love those leather shorts. They look great on you! Random question though, and I know It’s been quite a few months since you posted this so hopefully you can get back to me. I’m going to purchase a pair exactly like them on-line, but am having a hard time deciding which size to get, either US size 4 or 6. Just curious about which size you got… we’re about the same size i think :) It would be very much appreciated!

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