Lucy Chadwick

WEDNESDAY. Just arrived at my hotel in Barcelona and in a couple of minutes I’m heading out for dinner with Andy & Chiara. But before I leave I wanted to share this cute video of Lucy Chadwick that the selby shot for Zara. Love that it combines two of my biggest passions, fashion + interior design! Gotta get my hands on all the cozy Zara sweaters she’s wearing in the video…


47 thoughts on “Lucy Chadwick

  1. I saw this video yesterday, it’s so cute. I am still thinking about the coffee pot over the little warmer. I wonder if such a small flame does keep it hot?

  2. I really loved the short movie and the sweaters
    she’s wearing a lot too!! The red one
    is in their online shop, but the light
    oversized one I can’t seem to find!

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