Love is blue

MJAU MJAU. Så, här har vi den. Min midnattsblå Miu Miu. Vi klickade direkt. Hon kostade mig en halv förmögenhet men är värd vartenda öre.
Gud vad jag älskar den här väskan!

Translation. So here it is. My midnight blue Miu Miu. We clicked immediately. She cost me a smaller fortune, but she’s worth every penny. God I love this bag!!

52 thoughts on “Love is blue

  1. The bag is so cute, I love the vintage look and shape! I saw it in the Miu Miu shop on New Bond Street in London but bought a belt instead (cheaper – haha)!
    Did you go to Browns Focus? They sell gorgeous leather leggings by Les Chiffoniers (the ones Emanuelle Alt loves – your previous post)

  2. Det er muligvis den smukkeste taske, jeg nogensinde har set! Om du nogensinde bliver træt af den, så send den direkte til mig, okay?

  3. ah, what a beautiful bag!! such a lovely colour and shape.
    whenever i go to miu miu on new bond street, i find myself wanting EVERYTHING there.

  4. lucky you! i’d always carry it with me for the rest of my life if i had been this lucky ;)

  5. July: Oh, that’s where I bought it! :) No, I totally missed to check out Browns Focus, so mad at myself!

    shira. I know, me too!!

    Bella, Nadja, Jenna: Jag köpte den i Miu Miu’s butik på New bond street i London och den kostade ca 6900.

  6. inte riktigt helt i min smak. men så skulle den ju inte vara till mig heller. passar dig utmärkt dock!

    och ps. jag lär ju ändra mig inom en snar framtid. kan vi göra upp en deal om att du skickar hit den då? ;)


  7. Oooh so beautiful..can’t wait to see you wear it. Love that it’s midnight instead of black.

  8. omg what a beautiful bag. the color is amazing. maybe someday ill be able to save/earn enough money to buy a miu miu bag, too;)

  9. its soo cute….i buy a mıumıu too:)heheehe love it:)
    what model is it??i search but couldnt find:(

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