Looklet.com, the infinite wardrobe

As many of you know, I’ve been working on this secret web project that I’ve been dying to tell you about for what seems like forever. And now I can, (you can’t imagine how surreal it feels). I will be working as fashion editor on the site and you have no idea how excited I am about this project. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, looklet.com!

Looklet is a digital styling studio where YOU’RE the stylist. Dress real models with real clothes and accessories from our infinite, ever growing wardrobe and share your most inspiring “looks” on your blog or with your friends.

For the moment there’s a sneak preview beta version up, so obviously there are some bugs and errors going on right now, but we’re working on fixing them. I’m pretty sure you will love the site as much as I do when you’ve checked it out!

Here’s an invite code for you to use: LOOKLET-3644220725

>> Please let me know what you think!

73 thoughts on “Looklet.com, the infinite wardrobe

  1. Wow!!I’ts amazing!So much better than Polyvore since it allows u to see how does the outfit actually look on a person!
    Can’t wait to see the final version and the new arrivals!:P


  2. This is absolutely brilliant! I love how it isn’t your cheesy “upload your photo” and it looks messed up – like the clothes feel really “alien” on my body.

    I can’t wait for you guys to upload more models to represent more of us! :)


  3. I’m loving this!!!!Such a good idea, I’m getting addicted to it already!!Best of luck with this, I know you’ll do great!!!

  4. its amazing:)i have logged in and playing like for an hour:)a kinda new addition:)
    good work dear!!!

  5. its amazing! im hooked on it already ;] i will definitely show it for my friends!

  6. Underbart kul. Praktiskt också om man vill prova olika kombinationer inför en fotografering! :)

    Jag hoppas ni utvecklar detta med fler modeller med varierande storlek och etnicitet och ännu fler plagg.

    Tror detta kommer att bli en succé!

  7. it’s awesome! i have been your loyal reader for a long while and it’s my first comment here on your blog! i am so excited about this looklet project!! i am completely in love with it! would like to see more new stuff coming along from you!

    i’ve logged onto looklet and did a style of my own too! go check it out >> http://lovecoutureluxe.wordpress.com ♡

  8. LOVE IT! Absolutally awesome! Everything I have ever missed when it comes to such web sites. LOVELY!
    You are a genious; the site will be trumendous.

  9. hey carolina,
    I just visited looklet and I really like the idea, great project!! I’ m gonna try it out immediately.I love your blog by the way!
    xx nati

  10. å, det här är min nya absoluta favoritsajt! i love it!
    hoppas på utökning bland produkterna i den virtuella garderoben snart också. annars lovely!

  11. Congrats!

    I saw it before I saw that you were working on it. I’m a member on the sneak peek and I love it! such a great idea :)

  12. alltså, det här var nog det coolaste jag någonsin sett! du kommer att komma långt fina du. det här kommer bli allas favoritsida (efter din såklart) när de kommer fler kläder och så så kommer det där bli sidan alla pratar om, och alla använder sig av. you go girl

  13. cool! hope it will come more clothes though! :) and to save the outfits, but i saw it will come any day now.. great! i will be in the competition!! :) xoxo Lis

  14. Hi I`m from argentina and I entered in the page of you were working and I think Its amazing. You did an excellent work! I`m a fashion designer here in my country.

  15. väldigt bra och rolig sida, men lite seg i bland, och så skulle jag vilja kunna spara vad man har gjort. Tror inte det går nu, i alla fall inte för mig. Mer kläder att välja på skulle också vara roligt:)

  16. Can we also expect a men’s version? For men, now it’s fun to undress the models all the way ’till they’re in their lingerie….

  17. Wow awesome site! I played with it the whole afternoon and still can’t stop haha.

  18. wow, är det du som arbetar med den webbsidan?! den är helt fantastisk!
    jag gillar den redan, trots det lite skrala utbudet av grejer. men det kommer väl mera allt eftersom, gissar jag på (läs: förväntar jag mig). good work!

  19. Heys! I love the idea and the concept- its still new so I guess the selections are still pretty limited…I am not sure though cos I don’t seem to be able to save the looks I created and i think it will be pretty cool if you will allow us to layer more stuff- like 2 coats at time rather than just simply one ; )

  20. I just wanted to say that Looklet.com is AMAZING! This is something that is going to be successful beyond belief -congratulations!!!

    I will be spending many hours playing!!!

  21. Hey Carolina,

    I am so glad I came across your blog at the right time! I love looklet.com =) It is a phenomenal source of inspiration. Thank you for the invitation code and the website as well! I have made several outfits on it already but was devastated at not being able to save them all. Any idea when the save feature is going to come on?

    love, Prissy

  22. OMG!! It`s fantastic!! I`m already obsessed, planning my school outfit on there! Congrats for the awesome blog!

  23. In love with it…..i’m obsessed with it, and have been playing with it ever since.. thanks so much and congrats…

  24. wanting to get in but the code doesnt work. i hope the one in the mail (the code) will work
    CANT WAIT (giddy giddy)
    congrats on a WOWsome project, I WILL DEF LOVE IT EVEN B4 I START. better than polyvore (which i never even bother seeing)

  25. i have been a member of looklet for like day and am already addicted!….Congratulations to you and your team for such a brilliant idea….so when does the real version launch?….also is there some way i look at other member’s profiles on looklet?…..the site is awesome and lots of luck to you and your team…you make me feel like a real stylist!

  26. You are the creator of Looklet??!! Wow, thank you so much :-) I LOVE THAT SITE!!! I found this post by searching on Google for “looklet blog”… wanted to add the link to my new blog “Style a la Eclectica”. I love Looklet so much :) {I just dont like how spammy a lot of the members are… )

    Thanks again!!

  27. This site is absolutely fantastic!!! you have done such a wonderful job on this. Until recently I didnt even know this site existed but its so addictive ive been on here almost 24/7 since i found it :-)

  28. Hi :) I have been a looklet addict ever since my officemate introduced it to me :) However, since late last year, I could no longer save my designs and Error #2032 keeps popping up…is looklet undergoing a site maintenance? if so, when can i resume saving my looks? I would greatly appreciate a response. Thank you

  29. Hi, can you tell me how to use that invitation code??..thank you..

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