LONDON. Snapped these pictures during London fashion week, back when it was still warm enough to go barelegged! Wearing another pair of amazing sunglasses that Anna-Karin Karlsson was kind enough to let me borrow, love the leopard that’s relaxing on top of the frames, genius!

P.S. Soon I’ll be able to tell you guys more about the secret project me, Andy and Chiara have been working on for the past couple of months, can’t wait!





ANNA KARIN KARLSSON sunglasses. ZARA blouse, skirt & shoes. MICHAEL KORS watch. REBECCA MINKOFF bag.


103 thoughts on “London

  1. almost too good to be true!
    And i think i don’t even have to say this, but..
    the shades!!!!

  2. Overall, you look so cute, but it’s the glasses that really does it for me. It adds a nice flair to the outfit. It just makes me almost wish that you had leopard print shoes on as well.

  3. everything what is said about these sunglasses.. Is 10000000000% true.. just beyond amazing!


  4. Your sunglasses are amazing!
    Oh and this shirt is sold out…i’m so jealous, cause i want it! ;)
    Beautiful outfit!

  5. Can’t wait to here all about it, the anticipation of it is building up!

    OH I love your Zara blouse, I spotted online a while ago and was gutted there were none in my size left! Let’s hope they restock XO

  6. So jealous that you get to be in London now! Probably one of my most favorite cities ever. I’m in love with the sheer top. You somehow always manage to get literally the most perfect smoky eye…

  7. Hello, You are so cute!!
    I love your style, so vintage and chic. I love bags and one of my favorite brand is Il Bisonte, do you know?
    it makes high quality bags.

  8. I love this look! It is very Lauren Conrad-esc and super cute! Love your layout with the pics on te side. Very clean and classy! Check out the fashion blog I write at La Bella Vita!

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