London photo diary

carolina engman, kenzo, hat, cap, sweater, london, fashionsquad

Photos by Mattias Swenson & Stanislas Liban

LONDON. As I mentioned last week, I just got back from a short trip to London with Kenzo parfums and thought I’d share some pictures with you so here we go!

airport, arlanda
jumped on the plane to London with a huge smile on my face


british flag, union jack, londonarrived in London


browns hotel, afternoon tea, london
 checked in at Browns hotel and had the obligatory afternoon tea


pink flowers, anniversary
anniversary cake, browns hotel, fashionsquad
during our stay in London me & my boyfriend celebrated our 5th anniversary and found this delicious cake in our room with a note from the lovely people at Browns Hotel wishing us a happy anniversary, such a sweet gesture!


kenzo, london store,
Did a quick (ok, probably not so quick) stop at Kenzo and tried on some of my fall favorites, fell in love with pretty much every single piece


carolina engman, kenzo, london, jacket, fall, fashionsquad
reversible jacket


Kenzo, Carolina Engman, london, fashionsquad, kenzo sweater
loved this skirt!


Kenzo, Carolina Engman, london, fashionsquad, kenzo sweater, xaviera
sweater twinsies!


kenzo sweater, london, store
Kenzo, Carolina Engman, london, fashionsquad, kenzo sweater, kenzo hat
Kenzo, Carolina Engman, london, fashionsquad, kenzo sweater
Kenzo, Carolina Engman, london, fashionsquad, kenzo angora sweater, kenzo bag, kenzo skirt,
fuzzy top


Kenzo, Carolina Engman, london, fashionsquad, ron arad, ron arad studio, madly kenzo
Later that afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting the famous industrial designer/architect Ron Arad at his studio to talk a bit about the perfume bottle he created for Kenzo’s new perfume Madly Kenzo.


madly kenzo, ron arad, london
ron arad, madly kenzo, london, studio
ron arad, studio, london
Kenzo, Carolina Engman, london, fashionsquad, ron arad, ron arad studio, madly kenzo
fell in love with this chair designed by Ron


ron arad, chair, london, studio
… and this one!


sunglasses, ron arad
Mattias tried on a pair of sunglasses designed by Ron, very futuristic ;)


carolina engman, kenzo, london, madly kenzo
ron arad, Patrick Guedj, madly kenzo, london, studio,
Ron Arad & Kenzo Perfumes creative director Patrick Guedj


british flag, union jack, london
After the studio visit we decided to take a little walk around London..


london, building
Liberty, london
liberties, afternoon tea, london, teacup
and ended up at Liberty for some more afternoon tea before it was time to head back to the hotel.


sketch, london, restaurant
Later that evening we met up for dinner with the Kenzo team + the other bloggers at Sketch..


sketch, dinner, risotto, london
sketch, london, restrooms, toilets, eggs,… where the restrooms look like something straight out of a lady gaga video


sketch, london, restrooms, toilets, eggs,
sketch, jouez, jouez!, neon sign, london, restaurant

carolina engman, fashionsquad
After the dinner we went back to the hotel, slept for a couple of hours, woke up at 5 in the morning and sleepwalked down to the cab that took us to the airport.


clouds, view from a plane, sunrise.. sights like this totally makes it worth traveling at the crack of dawn!



107 thoughts on “London photo diary

  1. Such amazing photos Carolina ? you are so pretty!
    I also have to say that you are one of my favorite blogger!
    and happy anniversary!

    Loves from Julie

  2. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing… More than ever want to go to London. :-)

  3. I am LOVING these photos! I live in London, so I’m already pretty familiar with all its wonders, but I still found this blogpost very inspiring. Definitely made me want to have afternoon tea at Browns again! Happy 5th anniversary to you and you boyfriend! xx

  4. Really nice shots! This is the best way to tell us what you have done and seen!
    New post on my blog:

  5. .. sights like this totally makes it worth traveling at the crack of dawn!

    it’s supposed to be **sights like THESE**

    xxxxx :)

  6. Oh wow, it looks like you had an incredibly civilised stay in london. And I couldn’t agree more, there’s something magical about catching a flight at the crack of dawn!
    Bemsy x

  7. Hi Carolina!
    I love this kind of your travel diaries.
    I must say I love the clothes from Kenzo but I love the pics of London even more. :)
    And of course, you and your boyfriend both are so pretty.
    What a great couple you two are!
    Happy 5th Anniversary! :)

    Sienna xx

  8. lovely lovely impressions! aww, you and your boyfriend are so sweet, wishing you the all the best for the future!

  9. Wow! You are very pretty! :)
    I love London! ?
    I follow you now!
    and I also follow you on twitter and bloglovin.
    I would be happy if you will follow me, too.
    I leave you my links, so it will be easier to find me.

    Thank you, dear!
    Good luck ;)

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