60 thoughts on “Lipstick

  1. I now not only need 10, but all of these. If they don’t look as good on me (and they probably won’t!), I will be sorely disappointed! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  2. i absolutely adore the rouge voluptes!! i have on 27 at this very moment, it’s such a perfect shade for spring/summer….they all look gorgeous on you!


  3. i dont usually wear lipstick, since there’s already a pinkish hue to my lips… but I’d like to try the new nude colors which are now in vogue!

  4. seriously need to try out the lipstick thing. nude is getting old.


  5. You suit lipstick SO well, it is one thing I never wear because it just looks silly on me. You and Lipstick are made for each other, you look AMAZING!

  6. Thanks so much, i’m probably going to bye some of them soon =)

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