let’s party like it’s 2009

HAPPY. 1. dance, dance, dance 2. the back of my dress 3. happy new year!!
4. Ida wants to make out 5. mini strikes a pose 6. me & ida 7. balloons!

36 thoughts on “let’s party like it’s 2009

  1. amazing photos
    i’m sick so no new years for me!
    i will live through these photos
    love your blog

  2. Underbar klänning! Typiskt att jag inte hann köpa en… Volanger är ju så snyggt! Gott nytt år, btw ;)

  3. seems you really had fun!!! i hadent gone out for a couple of years, but i put on my favorite DVF dress, my Andrea Milian heels and ..got home at 12 pm. Regards from Spain
    xoxo. A.

  4. you are absolutely stunning .
    like, unbelievably gorgeous .
    forget lara, masha, anabela, irina … you’re the best !


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